UPSTRAW Yearbook 2020

The UPSTRAW Yearbook 2020 is now released.

Starting in 2017, this project is a collaboration between European countries (Belgium, France, Germany Netherlands and Hastings – UK) via INTERREG, with the theme of ‘public investment in straw building’ – including five new public buildings built using straw and other natural materials.

Other project outcomes covered in this Yearbook include:

  • Building Information Modelling: improving the production and management of digital information in construction
  • Zotero library: more than 400 publications dedicated to building with straw
  • Massive Open Online Course: a brand new MOOC to help you learn more about straw building
  • Life Cycle Analysis: a cradle to grave approach, which quantifies the environmental impact of construction
  • National Networks: showing the straw bale associations and networks in each partner country

We hope you enjoy this publication and encourage you to forward it to your colleagues and others in your networks. UPSTRAW Yearbook 2020

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