European StrawBale Gathering

Thursday 31st August – Sunday 3rd September

Discover the progress of straw bale construction from single-family homes to affordable
alternatives for various building types at ESBG 2023.

Globally, central governments are announcing transformational declarations (‘net-zero’,
‘decarbonisation’ etc) and the construction industry is speedily endeavouring to manage its
operational output to mitigate the harmful emissions over the decades.

In Europe, straw bale construction is already pioneering this transformation, and through
European Strawbale Building Association (ESBA) its partners meet again to demonstrate the
benefits of constructing with straw at this spectacular biennial conference.

European StrawBale Gathering 2023
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Join us in Brenderup for exhibitions, training, keynote speakers, presentations, and much

Location: Brenderup Folk High School, Brenderup Højskole, Stationsvej 54, 5464
Brenderup, Denmark

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