Tulse Hill Straw Bale Build

In the urban landscape of London, where land to build is scarce, and new build opportunities are few and far between, the area of Tulse Hill is fortunate to have within its community a construction that is currently taking place on epic proportions.

Arguably, Europe’s largest urban straw bale build, the Tulse Hill Bale Build has markedly grown into a sight to behold!

Richard Dormandy and Nicole Lyon are orchestrating the construction of the church hall, which began in 2017. With work mainly carried out by volunteers they intend for fitting out to be completed by 2021.

This is a formidable piece of work which was initially assisted by our founding members Straw Works.

The church which is adjacent to the new hall was completed in the mid 19th century, and the site where the hall is being erected was demolished in the 1980s. With a group as enthusiastic as this to bring new energy to their surroundings and build their own meeting place with consideration to the planet, it comes as no surprise that this creation has developed as strikingly magnificent as it is.

Tubs of clay originally excavated from the site’s ground

The Douglas Fir frame went up in March 2017 and the office and kitchen will be built-in this year (2019). Clay plaster will be applied as well as limecrete for the natural finish….

…and the lift and stairs will complete the picture.

Like what you see? Want to help? Contact Nicole below:

We have great pleasure to announce Richard Dormandy will be at this year’s ESBG2019. Purchase Early Bird tickets here

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