SBUK step review 2022

Under the guidance of course leader, Hubert Gruber, our SBUK Director, Kit Jones, participated in the latest edition of the ‘STEP’ programme.

STEP (Strawbuilding Training for European Professionals) is a strawbuilding course (online & practical) which is curated and led by qualified and professional builders. We, at SBUK, endorse the STEP curriculum and will utilise it to widely spread the knowledge of strawbale construction to the built environment.

Hubert is the co-President of the European StrawBale Association and Chairman of the Austrian StrawBale Network. He has extensive experience as a course leader in strawbale construction education and as a strawbale designer and builder.

Kit is a qualified and experienced carpenter, and works with bio-based materials: straw, timber, hemp, lime and earth. His appraisal is a welcome continuation of SBUK’s aim: to promote straw bale building and best practice within the sector.

Read the review here

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