Rae Parkinson is teaching clay plastering!

The wonderfully talented, Rae Parkinson, is teaching a clay plastering workshop at the Big Straw Bale Gathering! 

All workshops and talks and included in the ticket price – so get your ticket now here! 

Workshop Synopsis:
Learn the preparation of straw walls for plastering, application of clay slip and body coat. Plus some tips and tricks from a decade of experience!
Rae’s bio:
Rae discovered the world of natural building in 2007 and trained as a ‘Straw Bale Building Ambassador’ with Amazon Nails in 2008. Since then she has continued to work closely with Barbara Jones in amazonails, Straw Works and The School of Natural Building, as a practitioner and a trainer. Rae claims her first forays into natural plastering brought her back from the edge of global despair and is a great believer in the therapeutic benefits of clay and lime plastering.

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