Holy Trinity’s Airtightness testing


Last year, SBUK member Dr Judith Thornton wrote a paper on Airtightness, of which we referenced here: https://strawbalebuildinguk.com/airtightness-and-natural-building-materials-by-judith-thornton

Richard Dormandy has led the work on Holy Trinity Tulse Hill’s strawbale building, the ‘Neigbourhood Hub’, and you can watch The Holy Trinity ‘airtightness’ videos here:

  1. Airtightness Part 1 What it is and Why it Matters
  2. Airtightness Part 2 What it Happens in an Airtightness Test
  3. Airtightness Part 3: Achieving and Managing an Airtight Building
  4. Airtightness Part 4: Getting Our Straw Bale Building Airtight

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