Construction of the Hastings Country Park’s Visitor Centre by Constrawtium

In 2017 we ventured with other members of the INTERREG initiative UPSTRAW, to see the above area for a new Vistors’ Centre in Hastings.

Murray Davidson of Hastings Borough Council spoke about the ambition for the proposed build and we explored how to could pool our energies to bring this to frution.

3D model

In May of this year a corsortium of natural builders (Constrawtium) began work on the site.

Constrawtium, consists of: Huff and Puff Construction, SIA Design Build, Green & Castle, and Red Kite Design.

The group have been working exceptionally hard and we are proud that their labours (both demonstrably & studiously behind the scenes) are becoming visible for the public to see.

As part of the European StrawBale Gathering 2019 in Todmorden we are pleased to announce that Murray will be presenting a talk about public procurement of strawbale buildings.

We encourage you to be a part of this exciting adventure and visit Todmorden for ESBG2019 as this notable event will include top speakers, builders and educators of the natural building arena of which the UK has never seen before! Tickets are available here

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