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A panel of expert speakers met last night to present the benefits of constructing with straw, the data behind the resources and the heritage of this natural building material in Architects Climate Action Network‘s (ACAN) Masterclass for Straw

Barbara Jones

A captive audience, comprising of practioners from the built environment to keenly interested people were treated to a two hour session of education and fun!

Craig White
Cypren Edmunds

The effectiveness of this material has been hotly debated over the years, misunderstood and misrepresented. Backed up with science, the audience listened to the statistics to support its robustness and debated its relevancy.

John Butler
Dana Olarescu

Engaging conversation about community bonding to delivery of healthy alternatives for the domestic and public sector, heightend the audience’s awareness to building with strawbales and straw panels.

Joe Duirwyn
Phil Christopher

The event also acted as a launch for tonight’s start of European Strawbale Gathering 2021 (ESBG 2021).

SBUK members Barbara Jones, Phil Christopher, Joe Duirwyn and Cypren Edmunds are presenting at this festival with other European organisations of the European StrawBale Association (ESBA).

If you missed the start of ESBG 2021, there were some spectacular tours of properties in Poland, Germany, Switzerland and Estonia


Don’t miss out tomorrow or Sunday – Click on the picture above for tickets now!

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