UPSTRAW Database of Strawbale Buildings

The School of Natural Building team are drawing up a complete and comprehensive database of strawbale buildings in the UK and Ireland!

Interreg Database of Strawbale buildings
Through their partnership with other European countries, funded by Interreg and called UP Straw, the School of Natural Building (SNaB) is drawing up a database of all known strawbale buildings in the UK and Ireland. This database will be made public, (those parts that are not confidential), via a map held on the European Straw Bale Association website and elsewhere including that of SNaB. Part of this information is required to see if the activity of the partnership has increased the numbers of strawbale buildings in Europe, so dates of build are important. A major reason for publicising the numbers and locations is to show that this is indeed a viable and growing sector of construction, and to help our sector gain credibility nationally.

Please give as much information as you can about each project, but don’t omit a project if all you know is a few facts – they can do further research if they know where to look. Also, please include all projects you know, apart from those by Amazon Nails or Straw Works as they will capture those. And finally, please pass this on to anyone you think may have further information.

It would be most helpful to us if you could fill out the excel sheet with all the information you have. Follow this link. If you are unable to do this however, please use the table in Word and copy and paste it for each separate project. Follow this link for Word version. Once completed, please email it back to us.

We would like to get a really up to date idea of exactly how many strawbale buildings and of what type there are in the UK and Ireland, and to compare this with other European countries.

SBUK are sub-partners with SNaB on this project, and would very much appreciate it if you would share this as widely possible.

Thank you
The SNaB & SBUK team on behalf of UP STRAW

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