Peter Schubert [RIBA] is giving a talk at the Big Straw Bale Gathering

Next up we have Peter Schubert who will be joining us from Vienna.

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Name: Peter Schubert

Company: Capital [ A ] architects, Vienna

Talk Title: Straw and other regrowing building materials for multi storey
housing constructions.

Talk description: Structural possibilities, thermal insulation potential & fire
safety of different construction methods using timber, straw, clay – & lime
plaster, hemp, wood-fibre and cellulose.

Speakers Bio:

Growing up in the region of Northern Hessen / Germany was an essential formative impression to my further professional
In the nineteen-70s and -80s the beauty and value of the characteristic regional building stock of studwork houses alongside the
German Fairy Tale Route were rediscovered. Historic timber frame constructions with straw-clay infill were restored and the building technics of wood, straw and clay were further researched and developed at the recently founded and growing local Comprehensive University of Kassel.
Simultaneously the international avant-garde art fair “Documenta” emerged and gave me inspiration to experiment and encouraged my search for own ground-braking “do-gooder” projects.


After my academic training of architecture at the Technical Universities of Braunschweig, Vienna and also the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, my first professional engagement was in real estate development, realising own small scale projects implementing newly available sustainable building materials and emission free energy supply in an urban
context in Vienna.


Later my architectural practice “capital [ A ] architects” was founded with its professional focus on sustainable residential urban
architecture and was lately enhanced by the organisation of “field8 organic house development”.
“Field8” understands itself as an assembly of various professionals from diverse occupational fields aiming to combine sustainable architectural design with sustainable social community design.
Our ambition is to commonly realise “low impact – high efficiency” urban co-housing projects in the near future as an alternative offer for the standardised real estate market.


Currently I am engaged in developing innovative building technics applying naturally chemistry-free, re-growing buildingmaterials such as timber, straw and clay the greatest extend for prefabricated, economic multi storey residential projects in the city of Vienna with its specific building codes and fire safety regulations.

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