James Shorten from Regenerative Settlement Trust

james_shorten speaker at BSBG

We are incredibly pleased to add James Shorten to our massive list of speakers for the Big Straw Bale Gathering. James was the main author on the Welsh Government’s One Planet Development guidance. He is a planning expert and will be talking about regenerative settlements.

James is part of an all star natural building lineup giving talks and presenting workshops a the Big Straw Bale Gathering – Get your tickets from the online store now! 

Name: James Shorten
Organisation: Regenerative Settlement Trust
Lecture title: Regenerative Settlement – A New Paradigm For Planning and Eco- Development
Brief description:
Regenerative Settlement is a new way of thinking about development – that development can make things better, not worse, which is what is generally assumed. Nearly 30 years of planning work have led to the formulation of this recipe for sustainable communities which also ticks the planning boxes. An introduction to the concept, our live projects (including a 100 house ecovillage).

Speaker bio: Planner with 25+ years of experience in Low Impact Development. Main author of the Welsh Government’s One Planet Development Guidance. Runs Geo, a consultancy specialising in sustainable rural development projects, large and small.

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