Green Solutions Award 2021 – Vote for ‘The Bale House’!

🏆 The Bale House 🇬🇧
Located in a UK Nature Reserve in Hastings this constructed with recycled, fireproof, and breathable materials. A unique straw bale building that requires next to no energy to run and stays comfortable all year long due to its high insulation.

This UPSTRAW Project uses natural materials such as lime, wood and especially straw in the walls which sequesters carbon, creates new links between the agricultural and construction industries, and, enhances the value of the farmer’s crop.

This case study offers lessons on dealing with risk posed by excessive wind speeds on the site, and on how to build a successful conStrawtium! Green & Castle Huff and Puff Constructions

See more about this Green Solutions Awards 2020-21 candidate, and Vote here:

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