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    AIM – To promote straw bale building and best practice within the sector

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    Edouard Hugo


    sorry i missed all the meetings till now. Thanks for the wonderful work done so far !!!
    For those who don’t know me, I’m a french strawbaler/carpenter based in Edinburgh.

    Just my opinion :

    I read the minutes of the 2nd SBUK meeting in bath and I generally agree with all that has been said, in particular Pete Walker’s comments :
    (i) Keep it a very broad inclusive church and let different schools emerge eventually (eg. prefered techniques). There will be disagreements to come anyway and it’s a natural thing. Different opinions can be a strength if dealt with intelligently.
    (ii) Make distinction between Aim, Objectives and Actions. Keeping the aim broad also means you’re more able to adapt and change the objectives if needed.

    Therefore I really like the broad aim proposed : To promote straw bale building and best practice within the sector.

    « promoting best practice » gives a direction, shows the intention to progress and improve. « Promote » doesn’t say anything about how compulsory are these « best practice ». Are they obligations or recommendations ? Do these best practice concern means or results ? Very open, I like it… yet…

    Yet I would like to raise a point :

    I read the sustainability and ethics page of the SBUK site under construction. I totally agree with its current content, however i don’t think it should show in the aim such as since this would be too restrictive. And they don’t. Nevertheless, I think some ethos should go in the aim, in a very open way.

    As an exemple, I would like to quote the aim of the french strawbale network (2nd article of the association’s status):
    The association’s aim is to promote the use of straw as a material for construction.
    The association implements all possible means to reach this aim, within the respect of Human, ecology and principles of social and solidarity economy.

    Indeed, would it make sense to promote well made strawbale buildings according to great technical practice if it still destroyed the environment one way or another, ruined or humiliated people or if it’s industry would only benefit to a few unscrupulous majors and increase inequalities ?

    An aim can be « right » yet the path taken can be « wrong ». Right or Wrong is what ethos is about.
    One could consider it as implicite within « the best practice » but unless it is properly explicited in the aim, it means SBUK has no instrinsic ethos.

    So should we add some ethos in the aim of SBUK one way or another ?
    Maybe we could define some ethical boundaries to these « practice » ?

    Yes ? No ? Opinions ? Propositions ?

    Respectueusement votre.

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