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    Angela Skinner

    Our Mathematical Universe
    My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality

    by Max Tegmark

    Our Mathematical Universe : CLICK HERE

    • Genres: science, physics, mathematics, philosophy, space, astronomy, education
    • Language: english
    • Author: Max Tegmark
    • ISBN: 9781846144769 (1846144760)
    • Publisher: Allen Lane
    • Release date: January 7, 2014
    • Format: hardcover, 432 pages

    About The Book

    Our Mathematical Universe is a journey to explore the mysteries uncovered by cosmology and to discover the nature of reality. Our Big Bang, our distant future, parallel worlds, the sub-atomic and intergalactic — none of them are what they seem. But there is a way to understand this immense strangeness — mathematics. Seeking an answer to the fundamental puzzle of why our universe seems so mathematical, Tegmark proposes a radical idea: that our physical world not only is described by mathematics, but that it is mathematics. This may offer answers to our deepest questions: How large is reality? What is everything made of? Why is our universe the way it is?

    Table of Contents


    1 What Is Reality?

    Not What It Seems • What’s the Ultimate Question? • The Journey Begins

    Part One: Zooming Out

    2 Our Place in Space

    Cosmic Questions • How Big Is Space? • The Size of Earth • Distance to the Moon • Distance to the Sun and the Planets • Distance to the Stars • Distance to the Galaxies • What Is Space?

    3 Our Place in Time

    Where Did Our Solar System Come From? • Where Did the

    Galaxies Come From? • Where Did the Mysterious Microwaves

    Come From? • Where Did the Atoms Come From?

    4 Our Universe by Numbers

    Wanted: Precision Cosmology • Precision Microwave-Background Fluctuations • Precision Galaxy Clustering • The Ultimate Map of Our Universe • Where Did Our Big Bang Come From?

    5 Our Cosmic Origins

    What’s Wrong with Our Big Bang? • How Inflation Works • The Gift That Keeps on Giving • Eternal Inflation

    6 Welcome to the Multiverse

    The Level I Multiverse • The Level II Multiverse • Multiverse Halftime Roundup

    Part Two: Zooming In

    7 Cosmic Legos

    Atomic Legos • Nuclear Legos • Particle-Physics Legos • Mathematical Legos • Photon Legos • Above the Law? • Quanta and Rainbows • Making Waves • Quantum Weirdness • The Collapse of Consensus • The Weirdness Can’t Be Confined • Quantum Confusion

    8 The Level III Multiverse

    The Level III Multiverse • The Illusion of Randomness • Quantum Censorship • The Joys of Getting Scooped • Why Your Brain Isn’t a Quantum Computer • Subject, Object and Environment • Quantum Suicide • Quantum Immortality? • Multiverses Unified • Shifting Views: Many Worlds or Many Words?

    Part Three: Stepping Back

    9 Internal Reality, External Reality and Consensus Reality

    External Reality and Internal Reality • The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth • Consensus Reality • Physics: Linking External to Consensus Reality

    10 Physical Reality and Mathematical Reality

    Math, Math Everywhere! • The Mathematical Universe Hypothesis • What Is a Mathematical Structure?

    11 Is Time an Illusion?

    How Can Physical Reality Be Mathematical? • What Are You? • Where Are You? (And What Do You Perceive?) • When Are You?

    12 The Level IV Multiverse

    Why I Believe in the Level IV Multiverse • Exploring the Level IV Multiverse: What’s Out There? • Implications of the Level IV Multiverse • Are We Living in a Simulation? • Relation Between the MUH, the Level IV Multiverse and Other Hypotheses •Testing the Level IV Multiverse

    13 Life, Our Universe and Everything

    How Big Is Our Physical Reality? • The Future of Physics • The Future of Our Universe — How Will It End? • The Future of Life •The Future of You — Are You Insignificant?


    Suggestions for Further Reading


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