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    FULL ALBUM : http://bit.ly/ArianaGrandeThankUNextAlbumDownload

    ARIANA GRANDE – THANK U NEXT mp3 ALBUM The title of some tracks on the album caught the attention of fans, particularly “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored,” which has some speculating that the song could be about her ex Big Sean.

    The situation is more than a little similar to the impasse the Grammys reached with Lorde last year, whereby they declined to let her perform a song from her “Melodrama” album — one of the five Album of the Year nominees — and instead offered her a spot during the show’s Tom Petty tribute, which she declined.According to Variety, Grande, who was supposed to perform at the ceremony, got into a spat with the producers. For some reason, they wouldn’t let her perform “7 Rings” at the ceremony, and though they eventually agreed her to pair “7 Rings” with a second song chosen by the producers, Grande wasn’t having it. She found this insulting—as she should, not just because “7 Rings” is a jam, but because it’s a major single and she’s a major artist—and pulled out of the ceremony altogether.

    And the surprises keep coming. Ariana dropped the pink version of her album cover and tweeted that “this is my fav album cover i think. brian painted me. fredo shot me. made with tru, deep friendship and love. just like this music.” The pink cover continues with Ariana’s upside-down aesthetic.

    “Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch/Who woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage?” she declares on “7 Rings,” which finds the singer boasting of her financial prowess in the key of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “My Favorite Things.”Sup Guys, Ariana Grande’s new album isn’t even out yet and she’s already moved on to bigger and better things—like she just did with Sweetener. Honestly, who can even keep up with her bangers anymore?

    The antagonistic approach to moving on feels like the complete opposite of “Thank U, Next”: “Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch / Who woulda thought it’d turn me to a savage?” One thing is clear: The album’s through line is recovery, and a readiness for whatever’s next.Ariana Grande will not attend this Sunday’s Grammy Awards after the singer reportedly had a disagreement with producers over a potential performance at the ceremony.

    Producers Tommy Brown and Max Martin, both of whom worked closely with Grande on Sweetener, return as featured collaborators on Thank U, Next. If “Thank U, Next,” “Imagine,” and “7 Rings” are any indication, the album will build on Grande’s established fusion of pop and trap; the slick beats and crisp hip hop percussion of Sweetener are likely to make a return.

    Now, along with a title, we have a release date for the new album. Here’s everything else we know so far… In a recent Billboard cover story, Grande spoke on how happy she was to share the success of “Thank U, Next” with her longtime musical partners: “I can’t believe it but, like, so can.

    There are seriously so many. Girlfriend has a lot of feelings and more pink-tinted videos to release, so along for the ride we go.When it dropped in August of last year, Sweetener felt like the album Ariana Grande was always meant to make.

    It’s not just Grande’s best album—it’s her most consistent and conceptually sound release to date. Please find a few more remaining tears left to cry, because Ariana Grande is reportedly pulling out of the Grammy Awards. Your fave was scheduled to perform at the February 10th show, and apparently now she’s not even going—all thanks to some drama about which songs she’d sing.

    The album’s opening track, “Imagine,” was released as a promo single in December, while official second single “7 Rings” dropped in January and gave Grande her second No. 1 debut on the Hot 100. With Thank U, Next, Grande is turning tragedy and heartbreak into commercial success. And as Grande reflected on the terror attack at her 2017 concert in Manchester, England, her songs took on a new tenor of vulnerability.

    With Sweetener, Ariana Grande came into her own both artistically and emotionally, and ascended to a new echelon of international pop stardom.Now, less than half a year after the release of Sweetener, Ariana Grande is giving us another album. Thank U, Next arrives on February 8. Here’s everything we know about the new album so far.

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