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    Jennifer Greer

    Ruach Qadim
    Aramaic Origins of the New Testament

    by Andrew Gabriel Roth

    馃敯 Ruach Qadim ~

    • Release date: January 20, 2005
    • Author: Andrew Gabriel Roth
    • Format: paperback
    • Language: english
    • ISBN: 9789993282037 (9993282030)
    • Publisher: Tushiyah Press

    About The Book

    A Jewish Messiah, fulfilling prophesies to Israel, born in the Holy Land, and chronicled… in GREEK? Why would Elohim (God) inspire men to document His greatest gift 鈥 under cover of pagan false-god names which He forbade use of in the Tanakh (Old Testament)? The answer is 鈥 HE DIDN’T! Join Semitic linguistic scholar Andrew Gabriel Roth as he details proofs contained in the 22 books of the Eastern Peshitta Aramaic New Testament, stacking them up against the corresponding Greek mss traditions. Proofs which unequivocally assert that the Aramaic was not just spoken, but also written first 鈥 that the Greek, so familiar to most Bible scholars, is but a translation from an Aramaic original. If you want to better understand Y’shua (Jesus) and His message, look no further. Understand the language in which He taught 鈥 the same language in which His followers wrote about those teachings.

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