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    Jake Quick

    Mathematics, a Human Endeavor
    A Book for Those Who Think They Don’t Like the Subject

    by Harold R. Jacobs

    🔗 Mathematics, a Human Endeavor – Read More 🔗

    • Publisher: W.H. Freeman & Company
    • Release date: October 1, 1982
    • Author: Harold R. Jacobs
    • Format: hardcover, 649 pages
    • ISBN: 9780716713265 (0716713268)
    • Genres: mathematics, education, textbooks
    • Language: english

    About The Book

    For instructors of liberal arts mathematics classes who focus on problem-solving, Harold Jacobs’s remarkable textbook has long been the answer, helping teachers connect with of math-anxious students. Drawing on over thirty years of classroom experience, Jacobs shows students how to make observations, discover relationships, and solve problems in the context of ordinary experience. (WorldCat)


    • The path of billiard ball

    • More billiard-ball mathematics

    • Inductive reasoning: Finding and extending patterns

    • The limitations of inductive reasoning

    • Deductive reasoning: Mathematical proof

    • Number tricks and deductive reasoning

    • Arithmetic sequences: Growth at a constant rate

    • Geometric sequences: Growth at an increasing rate

    • The binary sequence

    • The sequence of squares

    • The sequence of cubes

    • The Fibonacci sequence

    • The idea of a function

    • Descartes and the coordinate graph

    • Graphing linear functions

    • Functions with parabolic graphs

    • More functions with curved graphs

    • Interpolation and extrapolation: Guessing between and beyond

    • Large numbers

    • Scientific notation

    • An introduction to logarithms

    • Logarithms and scientific notation

    • Computing with Logarithms

    • Logarithmic scales

    • Symmetry

    • Regular polygons

    • Mathematical mosaics

    • Regular polyhedra: The platonic solids

    • Semiregular polyhedra

    • Pyramids and prisms

    • The circle and the ellipse

    • The parabola

    • They hyperbola

    • The sine curve

    • Spirals

    • The cycloid

    • The fundamental counting principle

    • Permutations

    • More on permutations

    • Combinations

    • Probability:The measure of chance

    • Binomial probability

    • Pascal’s triangle

    • Dice games and probability

    • Independent and dependent events

    • The birthday problem: Complementary events

    • Organizing data: Frequency distributions

    • The breaking of ciphers and codes: An application of statistics

    • Measures of location

    • Measures of variability

    • Displaying data: Statistical graphs

    • Collecting data: Sampling

    • The mathematics of distortion

    • The seven bridges of Königsberg: An introduction to networks

    • Euler paths

    • Trees

    • The Möbius strip and other surfaces.


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