Emma Appleton – Speaker at the BSBG

Emma Appleton speaker at the BSBG

We are so pleased to announce Emma Appleton’s talk at the Big Straw Bale Gathering.  Emma is a very talented straw bale builder and heritage woodworker. Warm, bright and just enough is her design mantra.

Tickets are on sale now for the reduced price (thanks to European funding) of £75. Get yours now!

Name: Emma Appleton

Organisation: Emma Appleton

Lecture title: How can our businesses be anti-capitalist? And is that even possible?

Brief description:

A discussion that tackles the way natural building (and the small businesses that have built up within it) can be, and are, a part of this surge to create something new and outside of patriarchal capitalism. We will explore ways we can  transform our relationships to money, work, the earth, and our bodies that further challenge the status quo. And try to determine what can we do to push the boundaries that will tip the balance towards a community minded economy?

Speaker Bio:

Hello. My name is Emma Appleton. I am a builder and community facilitator.

I build houses and community buildings which are warm, bright and just enough. I am inspired by buildings that have a simple beauty and work just perfectly for their owner. The ease of functionality of a space has an inherent attractiveness. Warm, bright and just enough is my design mantra to help me focus on the things that really matter.

I am a trained carpenter and joiner I specialised in Heritage woodwork following an apprenticeship with the Princes Foundation. It is inspiring to work on buildings that tell stories of their history. I was taught by an incredible master craftsperson who leaves a relief of a lion’s head cast in lead in each of his projects for craftspeople of the future to discover as their complete their own repairs.

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