Craig White is giving a talk at The Big Straw Bale Gathering

We are delighted to add Craig White to the lineup for The Big Straw Bale Gathering.

Name: Craig White

Company: White Design, ModCell

Talk Title: We Can Make – Affordable Homes Renewable Materials

Talk description: In a world where an affordable home is the oxymoron of our time and the
property ladder has no rungs, we need new forms of housing models. We Can Make is a new housing initiative that supports communities to create the homes they want and need. Knowle West Media Centre, White Design and ModCell have brought together Knowle West residents, artists, academics,
designers, architects, lawyers and policy makers to develop a sustainable, affordable housing platform that will deliver 350, 1 and 2 bedroom homes using a unique disaggregated community land trust model.

Speakers Bio

Developer, architect and renewable material entrepreneur, Craig synthesises a number of roles to help deliver sustainable outcomes in the built environment. Craig is currently leading work on a new model of prefabricated, community-led and financed affordable housing to meet the housing crisis challenge using carbon-banking renewable materials. A core focus of Craig’s work is how research-led innovation delivers commercial impact and sustainable outcomes in practice. Craig has a proven passion and pragmatism for delivering innovative, affordable and sustainable design for a better-built environment as well as a thorough understanding of the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental measures that must be considered to effect change. Expertise in low carbon design that spans embodied and operational emissions, prefabricated systems design and engineering as well as the individual, community and societal behaviours that can drive change for a better designed and more sustainable built environment.

Working in practice for clients in the private and public sectors across commercial, education, housing and community sectors Craig’s work is informed by award winning practice and innovative research to ensure that client’s needs are met with leading edge thinking and its practical application. Systems Thinking underpins Craig’s approach to his work and how its application optimises benefits in reducing environmental impact while maximising societal, economic and environmental outcomes in an interdependent and interconnected world. An experienced leader and company director in the private sector with non-executive director roles and board level experience for organisations in the design, construction, charity, research and arts sectors. An excellent communicator and public speaker able to present complex issues simply, eloquently and relevantly to a wide variety of stakeholder audiences. Experience of delivering sustainable, community-led prefabricated housing developments through effective stakeholder engagement and clear outcome focussed processes.


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