ACAN’s Natural Materials Business Survey

To support preparing a response for EAC’s ‘Sustainability in the built environment‘ inquiry, ACAN have prepared a quick-fire survey of businesses working in the natural materials industry. The intention is to quickly gather some fresh evidence and insights for solutions and actions the government…

Green Solutions Award 2021 – Vote for ‘The Bale House’!

🏆 The Bale House 🇬🇧Located in a UK Nature Reserve in Hastings this constructed with recycled, fireproof, and breathable materials. A unique straw bale building that requires next to no energy to run and stays comfortable all year long due to its high insulation….

bale house

Wow! Check out at the latest video update of the ‘Bale House’ by the Constrawtium team!

is there enough straw to build with?

John Butler has been digging away in the vaults of Government data and statistics to ascertain the answer to one of the most often asked questions we receive, “Is there enough straw to build”? The figures are interestingly optimistic (we shan’t spoilt it for…

UPSTRAW Yearbook 2020

The UPSTRAW Yearbook 2020 is now released. Starting in 2017, this project is a collaboration between European countries (Belgium, France, Germany Netherlands and Hastings – UK) via INTERREG, with the theme of ‘public investment in straw building’ – including five new public buildings built…

UP STRAW Zotero database

Great news! The partners of UP STRAW have collated, through the ‘Zoreto’ platform, an open source database of free reference management tools that allows the user to manage bibliographical data and documents such as websites, videos, scientific articles, books and PDFs. This will cover…

Constructing Excellence SECBE ‘People’s Choice Award’

Richard Dormandy and his team of ‘Holy Trinity’ in Tulse Hill are finalists in the ‘Construction Excellence SECBE – ‘People’s Choice Award’, in the catergory ‘Sustainability’. We visited them last year and reported on the brilliant work that they are doing in not just…

UPSTRAW Database of Strawbale Buildings

The School of Natural Building team are drawing up a complete and comprehensive database of strawbale buildings in the UK and Ireland! Interreg Database of Strawbale buildingsThrough their partnership with other European countries, funded by Interreg and called UP Straw, the School of Natural…


A new online publication has arrived: UPSTRAW YEAR BOOK 2019 This edition begins with an introduction on the benefits of building with straw. Watch out for forthcoming issues! These will feature projects on the INTERREG project and technical articles ➡️ ➡️ ️ ➡️ UPSTRAW

Constrawtium update

Wow! Work on the Visitors’ Centre in Hastings is going through at a rapid pace. Plywood is up and one of the Constrawtium crew is sanding it down before applying the wax for a surface finish Instagram: @constrawtium