European StrawBale Gathering

Thursday 31st August – Sunday 3rd September Discover the progress of straw bale construction from single-family homes to affordablealternatives for various building types at ESBG 2023. Globally, central governments are announcing transformational declarations (‘net-zero’,‘decarbonisation’ etc) and the construction industry is speedily endeavouring to manage…

Strawbale UK’s online event: Alex Burch presents, “How do strawbale walls perform in severe wind-driven rain conditions?”

Comparisons with global climates revealed the unique challenge West Wales poses for strawbale construction. Many studies have focused on measuring internal humidity and temperature of strawbale walls to determine moisture content, however, these often lacked information specific to the climate of West Wales. Alex’s…

SBUK online event ‘Living Retrofitting Urbanism’

Wednesday 5th April Essential policies are vital for the construction sector to deliver strong guidance for climate action.Our event with Architectural Association School of Architecture for ‘Living Retrofitting Urbanism’ was a success – video will be available soon.

Finance and strawbuildings

Securing finance to build homes that are energy efficient …better for the planet should be easy. Since 1987 Ecology Building Society have supported homeowners who #buildwithstraw We need mortgage products in-place to grow the market.

London’s Building Centre

Strawbale UK’s online event with Juraj George Mikurcik and Old Holloway

The video of our online event with George and his home, Old Holloway, is now on our YouTube channel Watch it here and share with your network!

SBUK online event. Old Holloway: An award-winning straw panel house.

Architect George Mikurcik began work on his home 14 years ago. It was the first Ecococon home built in the UK, is an award winning site and George will be discussing with us the concept, the build and sharing supporting data at our meeting….

Timber and Insurance – SBUK Video

YouTube video of our members’ meeting with Joe Giddings is available to watch here

SBUK Members’ meeting Special: Timber and Insurance

Join us at our next Members’ meeting Special on Wednesday 9th November, 7pm – 8pm. Our guest speaker is Joe Giddings of ‘Built by Nature’ and he will be discussing, ‘Timber and Insurance‘. Many of you that are involved with the practical elements of building with low…

MIscanthus – sbuk video

The video of our event: ‘MIscanthus – what it is and how can it benefit the sector?’ is now available to view. Thank you to our guest Fabrice Ntimugura for a brilliant presentation. Watch the video here: