call for entries for ASBP 2021 Awards

ASBP Awards 2021

Supporters of enviromentally friendly building products ‘The Alliance for Sustainable Products’ (ASBP) are calling out for entries of their prestigious event, #ASBPAwards

To say that it has been a tough year would be quite an understatement, and next year’s award is consciously proposing to reflect the innovation utilised in the UK.

“We want to shine the light on transformative ideas and the people behind them. Ideas for which the time has come. In essence, we want to showcase your lockdown epiphanies, personal insights, innovative ideas, or radical action.” (Click on the image above for more information)

Deadline: 18th December 2020

Good Luck!

3 Comments on “call for entries for ASBP 2021 Awards

  1. After building a fairly conventional timber frame house (Potton) we were surprised and somewhat alarmed that so many home insurers would not give us cover. Now that you are featuring other materials such as steel and straw bale in recent initiatives, it is only fair that those considering new builds should also know how the insurance market views these constructions.
    If a subsequent re-sale of a home falls through because the new buyers find it difficult to insure this might affect the market price. Of course, by then it’s too late to change !

    • Hi Robert,

      Things like insurance, mortgage lending and warranty availability are certainly things to research carefully, but shouldn’t be overly complicated or expensive for straw buildings. For straw bale insurance, we’d suggest contacting an ethical insurance company like Naturesave.

      • Thanks Phil. I understand that and did quite a lot of research before building my own house. With the land, the total cost was over £800,000 and we are delighted with the end result. However, when that is the bulk of one’s total savings is tied up in a home, is it wise to build something that will only be insured by a few specialist companies? If these building designs are just as substantial as ‘traditional’ buildings then there is work to do by NSBRC and others to convince the big home insurers that this is the case. Ultimately that endorsement by the Insurance industry will be the catalyst to bring these alternative sustainable materials into mainstream construction.

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