ESBG 2021 – SBUK Presenters: barbara jones

‘Cement Free Foundations’

Saturday 31st July 1035 – 1135 BST online (Zoom)

‘Straw and Building Regulations’

Saturday 31st July 1225 – 1245 BST online (Zoom)

Barbara Jones is a strawbale building guru having set up construction companies Straw Works, and Amazon Nails. She is the author of Building with Straw Bales – the most comprehensive guide to strawbale building, a founding member of SBUK and is a Director of The School of Natural Building.

She is now an independent consultant and board member of Todmorden Learning Centre and Community Hub.

ESBG 2021 – SBUK Presenters: paul jennings


Saturday 31st July 1400 – 1420 BST online (Zoom)

Paul Jennings of Aldas, is the most experienced airtightness tester and consultant in the UK, and, with over 30 years’ experience originated the “Airtightness Champion” concept.

He developed the 12 Steps to Airtightness approach to enable UK contractors to reliably deliver airtightness in Passivhaus and other low-energy projects.

He has been an AECB (Association for Environment Conscious Building) member for nearly 20 years and a Trustee for much of that time and, is a Director of the UK Cohousing Network.

ESBG 2021 – SBUK Webinar

Saturday 31st July 1000-1540 BST online (Zoom)

ESBG events start on Friday and finish on Sunday.

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On Saturday 31st July SBUK are hosting a webinar during the day, plus a presentation in the Saturday evening ESBG session. Details are below.

N.B. If you have any questions or issues about the SBUK Webinar, please email

SBUK Webinar, Saturday 31st July 2021

1000hrsStart and IntroductionsCypren Edmunds,
1015hrsSession 1 – i) Straw Building BasicsPhil Christopher, Huff and Puff
1035hrsSession 1 – ii) Cement Free FoundationsBarbara Jones, School of Natural Building
1115hrsSession 1 Q&AAs above
1155hrs Session 2 – i) Straw Building Project ExamplesChris Hawker, Hawkland Ecological Construction
1225hrsSession 2 – ii) Straw and Building RegulationsBarbara Jones, School of Natural Building
1245hrsSession 2 Q&AAs above
1400hrsSession 3 – i) AirtightnessPaul Jennings, Aldas
1420hrsSession 3 – ii) Whole Life Carbon – What it is and what it means for our materials choicesJoe Duirwyn, Hartwyn
1440hrsSession 3 – iii) Straw and Mud – A Love Story.Jeffrey Hart, Jeffrey the Natural Builder and the Building Sustainability
1500hrsSession 3 Q&AAs above
1520hrsSBUK Website; SBUK Membership; Introduction to the evening session; Thank you!SBUK
1540hrsFinish of SBUK ESBG Daytime Webinar 

ESBG Evening Session, Saturday 31st July 2021

1700hrs (1800hrs CEST)European session start. YouTube videos and Zoom Q&As, See links at https://strawbuilding.eu
1900hrs (2000hrs CEST)SBUK Presentation – The Bale House, Hastings, UK – 20 mins presentation, 10 mins Q&APhil Christopher, Huff and Puff
2100hrs (2200hrs CEST)European session finish

ESBG 2021 – SBUK Presenters: chris hawker

‘Straw Building Project Examples’

Saturday 31st July 1155 – 1225 BST online (Zoom)

Chris Hawker is a founder and co-director of Hawkland Ecological Construction, along with his business partner David Copeland. 

Hawkland specialise in the use of appropriate materials, with a focus on sustainability and occupant health. They have delivered several straw projects using structural timber frames or straw panels, throughout southern England and Wales. 

Hawkland also work extensively in renovation around the Bristol area, often working on traditional and heritage properties. Natural materials are employed here as well, including hempcrete, wood fibre insulation and a range of lime plasters.

ESBG 2021 – SBUK Presenters: jeffrey hart

‘Straw and Mud – A Love Story’

Saturday 31st July 1440 – 1500 BST online (Zoom)

Jeffrey Hart is a builder specialising in natural materials to create high performance, healthy homes.

He is a founding member of SBUK and his podcast series, Building Sustainability Podcast, where he talks to designers, builders, dreamers and doers in the built environment is an internet sensation.

ESBG 2021 – SBUK Presenters: joe duirwyn

‘Whole Life Carbon – What it is and what it means to our material choices’

Saturday 31st July 1420 – 1440 BST online (Zoom)

Joe has worked at the sustainable end of construction for over 20 years.  With a strong background in conventional building he has consistently worked towards a more integrated approach where sustainability and heritage trades walk hand-in-hand with modern building science. A natural materials advocate and building science geek, Joe is passionate about pushing the conversation forward and moving the industry towards the zero carbon targets it needs to meet.

ESBG 2021 – SBUK Presenters: phil christopher

‘Straw Building Basics’

Saturday 31st July 1015-1035 BST online (Zoom)

Phil Christopher is an environmentalist, builder and trainer and he believes passionately in making a low-impact lifestyle an attractive possibility for everyone.  Phil runs Huff and Puff Construction, specialising in straw bale and sustainable building, training and design.  Phil is also part of Straw-bale Building UK (SBUK), a community benefit society that works to promote straw bale building and best practice.

ACAN’s Natural Materials Masterclass: Straw

We are very excited to be a part of this very special event – it is the perfect accompaniment to launch ESBG 2021 the following day

Join us as SBUK founding members, Phil Christopher, Barbara Jones, Joe Duirwyn and Cypren Edmunds present topics across the colouful kaleidoscope of constructing with straw, at ACAN’s second episode in their ‘Natural Materials’ programme

Tickets for this free event are available here

The first event, ‘Intro to Natural Materials’ is available here to view

European StrawBale Gathering (ESBG) 2021

As members of ESBA we are proud to announce our virtual/online participation of European StrawBale Gathering (ESBG) on Friday 30th July – Sunday 1st August 2021

The full programme and Tickets are available here: E.S.B.A.

The three days will feature: educational, ‘live’ and Q&A sessions from SBUK and our fellow members of E.S.B.A. (European StrawBale Association)

More about SBUK’s final itinerary on Saturday 31st tba!

A teaser for the event, delivered by Herbert Gruber of ESBA (and of the Austrian StrawBale Network) is available here:

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Sustainability of the Built Environment – Written evidence from StrawBale Building UK

In May we submitted evidence to the UK’s Environment Audit Committee regarding, ‘Sustainability of the Built Environment’.

Our paper, amongst many other worthy submissions, was accepted by the Committee, and will be taken into consideration once the debate is opened for discussion in the near future.

The SBUK’s document can be read here

Many thanks to all of our contributors, notably Mary Rawlinson and Julia Bennett.