ESBG 2019 #UPSTRAW Todmorden, Yorkshire – Straw sharing

This was a day for sharing techniques, networking, providing examples of new strawbale buildings, promoting the developments in straw bale building in Europe, more workshops…and playing with Lego in Todmorden’s Hippodrome theatre. Phew!

Carlo Micheletti – Italy
Rikki Nitzkin – Spain
Heinz-Michael Fischer (BiWeNa) – Germany
Catarina Pinto – Portugal
Alex Goullet – UPSTRAW/France
Jean-Luc de Wilde – Belgium
Yannig Robert – France
Herbert Gruber – Austria
Lars Keller – Denmark
Zuzana Kierulfová – Slovakia
Cypren Edmunds – Founder member/Director of Media – UK
Maciej Jagielak – ESBA Secretary – Poland
Grzegorz Greg Gorski – Poland
Simone Ruschmeier, Architect and natural builder – ‘Elementerre’, workshop with clay as a construction material
Lego winner!

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